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3D Penis Printing

There's been some hype in the media lately about using 3D printers to make exact copies of men's private parts (e.g. Neighbors 2014 with Zac Efron and Seth Rogan, Jan 2013 Time Magazine, 3Dea - the future of dildos), but what's the real story? Can any man, using today’s technology, actually PRINT out an exact copy of his own penis, or is he better off using the sex industry standard Clone A Willy kit?

We examined this question in detail and concluded that, despite all the media hype and technological advances with modern 3D printers, in order to get a true to life, actual size and shape, highly detailed, usable copy of your own penis, the ubiquitous Clone A Willy kit is still the way to go. Getting a comparable result through 3D printing is still a few years away.

Benefits To Using A 3D Printer To Copy A Penis

Speed and the absence of messy mixing and pouring are the obvious benefits to using a 3D printer over a Penis molding kit. No need to mix up an algae + water solution and hold an erection for 60-90 seconds to create a mold. All that’s required on the model’s part is to hold his erection long enough for a short video imaging session. Everything else is done on computer. Easy… no fuss, no muss, right?

Drawbacks To Using A 3D Printer To Copy A Penis

In reality, in order to pull off the above you'll need an impressive camera that can scan in three dimensions and create a virtual model of any object, or CAD/CAM software with a compatible camera, the know-how to use it, and a very expensive 3D printer. The $1,000 consumer grade printers simply won’t cut it, as the printable output size is typically too small to print anything other than a micro penis. You can hire a service where all the above is taken care of (see http://cloneawilly.com/blogs/news/10784637-how-to-make-a-copy-of-a-penis or www.3dea.com), but this requires traveling to a location away from home and allowing a technician take images of your erection. If you’re not a porn star or somewhat of an exhibitionist, this could get uncomfortable. The benefit to this method, though, is that these companies will take care of all the rest. The cost is around $250, and it'll take just a day to see your result. What you’ll get is a plastic copy of your manhood, basically true to size and shape, including some detail but not the tiny veins and ridges and things that make your penis so unique. Constituent plastic filaments are still going to be visible in the final piece, meaning the printed object isn’t totally smooth. Its rough texture would not only be uncomfortable if used internally, but it'll also have small crevices in it that could support bacterial growth. Additionally, if you're looking for a usable dildo, an object created from a 3D printer isn't going to be body-safe. For that, they’ll (or you’ll) need to send your copy away to have a mold created from it. That mold is then filled with silicone or some other body-safe material, left to cure, and sent back to you.

Viola… your finished, usable copy is then complete. The result is pretty good, but not as intricate as something you’d get from a direct mold and cast process. Using a camera to catch every small detail is just not as precise as forming a mold directly from the actual body part.


Our recommendation? Stick with an actual Penis kit for now. Some companies that make these kits are already offering 3D printing as an alternative, but even they still recommend the more accurate mold and cast process. At this point in time, at least when it comes to making a dildo from your own penis, a printed object is only good as the intermediary, and not as the finished piece. No doubt 3D printing is the wave of the future, but as of now that's still where it lies... in the future.

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